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Below is a list of pricing for the most common devices. Don't see your device on the list? Have a question or want to schedule a repair?

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Pictures of common phone issues

Some common phone issues...

Maybe it's just a crack in the glass that won't respond to touch, or perhaps there are lines across the screen, or the display is completely shattered and dead. Whatever the case, a screen repair will bring back your phone's image.
A damged charge port can prevent your phone from charging. A charge port replacement or repair gets your phone powered again.
Sometimes a bad battery won't hold a charge and other times it won't allow your phone to charge at all. Replacing the battery will get your phone working again.
Can be a liquid damaged or blocked speaker that produces little or no sound. Or perhaps a headphone jack that distorts the sound, or is silent.

Fixing, cleaning or replacing the troubled part can bring your sound back to full strength.
Power, volume, home, and many other buttons can stop working. Repairing or replacing the button or flex cable can make it functional once more.
Front or rear cameras that won't focus, produce low-quality image, or no image at all. A return of crisp clear images can be obtained through repairing or replacing the cameras and their connectors.

Current Pricelist

Phone Model Screen repair Charge Port repair Rear Camera lens
iPhone 7 Plus $185 $65
iPhone 7 $165 $65 $55
iPhone 6S Plus $135 $55 $55
iPhone 6S $115 $55 $55
iPhone 6 Plus $145 $55 $55
iPhone 6 $99 $55 $55
iPhone 5C $69 $55 $55
iPhone 5S $69 $55 $55
iPhone 5 $69 $55 $55
Phone Model Screen repair Charge Port repair
Samsung S8 Plus $345 Contact Us
Samsung S8 $345 Contact Us
Samsung S7 Edge $375 Contact Us
Samsung S7 $199 Contact Us
Samsung S6 Edge $279 Contact Us
Samsung S6 $225 Contact Us
Samsung S6 Blue $245 Contact Us
Samsung S5 $165 Contact Us
Samsung S4 $120 Contact Us
Samsung Note 5 $279 Contact Us
Samsung Note 4 $205 Contact Us
Samsung Note 3 $189 Contact Us
 Tablet Model Glass Only repair Glass & LCD repair
iPad - Air 2
Models: A1566, A1567
Glass & LCD repair only $299
iPad - Air
Models: A1474, A1475
$99 $189
iPad - 4th Generation
Models: A1458, A1430 or A1403
$89 $135
iPad - 3rd Generation
Models: A1416, A1430 or A1403
$89 $135
iPad - 2nd Generation
Models: A1395, A1397
$89 $135
iPad mini 4
Models: A1538, A1550
Glass & LCD repair only $215
iPad mini 1 / 2 / 3
Models:  A1455, A1432, A1490, A1489, A1600, A1599
$99 $169
Note: these values are only current estimates, the pricing is subject to change