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Pictures of common computer issues

Computers slow down over time....

Stuff like temp files, unnecessary programs, and leftover fragments. While dust bunnies and dirt slow your hardware and wear it out prematurely.
Rob the system of speed, as well as valuable data and money if the malicious software steals personal, business and financial data.
Slows your system down as it has to search through disorganized file fragments to find what it's looking for.
Can create multiple problems, as well as opening the system to malware infections.
Over time, causes the system to lose capacity, speed, and reliability.

- Our Technique -



  Each tune-up includes a comprehensive checklist of repairs, optimizations, and checks of common problems.

Increasing your system's performance and security.

_Malware Removal

The majority of computer systems have some form of malware infecting them. And since malware can slow your system down and cause multiple issues, we include malware removal in every tune-up.

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- Pricing -

  • Basic Tune-up &

    Malware Removal

  • $89

    one-time payment

  • Advanced TUNE-UP & malware removal

  • $109

    one-time payment

    • Advanced repairs and malware removal for heavily damaged/infected systems.
    • (Includes Full Basic Tune-up & Malware Removal)
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